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Electric Facial Cleansing .
Electric Facial Cleansing .
Electric Facial Cleansing .
Electric Facial Cleansing .
Electric Facial Cleansing .

Electric Facial Cleansing .

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Electric facial cleansing brush IPX6 waterproof Blackhead Face Washer Beauty equipment Sonic Face Massager



1. USB charging, standing base, away from desktop water.

2. Photon maintenance, four wavelengths of light wave irradiation: red (fade and calm), blue (relax skin, clean garbage), yellow (whiten and tender skin, shrink pores), infrared (delicate skin), to meet different needs.

3. The sound wave vibrates, deeply cleans the skin, removes the dust, grease and cosmetics residues in the skin, and eliminates acne, acne, blackhead and acne.

4.42 ℃ constant temperature hot compress, warm massage, open pores, make skin care products fully absorb nutrition, make skin more tender.

5. Ipx6 grade water-proof, full body water-proof, can be washed directly under the tap after use.

6. Edible silica gel design, mild and healthy, clean skin, prevent allergy.

7. Multifunctional, a KONKA facial cleaner = beauty instrument + facial cleaner + induction instrument. After cleansing, use vibration and hot compress mode to effectively promote the introduction and absorption of skin care products

8. Whitening and eliminating yellow: micro vibration massage can accelerate the blood circulation of the face, make the pores of sweat glands relax freely, breathe freely, and at the same time, discharge the toxin, dull skin, recover the whiteness and brightness.



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